Concrete Pipes
  • Concrete pipe installation design and pipe class selection to AS/NZS 3725
  • Concrete pipe structural design to AS/NZS 4058
  • Concrete pipe structural design to BS EN 1916
  • Concrete pipe joint design & assessment to BS EN 1916
  • Concrete pipe testing & assessment to AS/NZS 4058 and BS EN 1916
Flexible Pipes
  • Flexible pipe installation design to AS/NZS 2566.1
  • Flexible pipe installation requirements to AS/NZS 2566.2
Pipe Jacking and Microtunnelling
  • Design, selection and specification of jacking pipes (all materials)
  • Design of installation of jacked pipelines
  • Prediction of jacking forces
  • Assessment of jacking pipe capacity
  • Temporary works design
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Geometric design of pipelines to be installed via HDD
  • Determination of Pipe Pulling Forces for installation of HDPE pipelines by HDD to ASTM F1962‐11
  • Polyethylene pipe selection and design to ASTM F1962‐11 and AS/NZS 4130
  • Hydrofracture and settlement calculations
  • Specification for installation of PE pipelines by HDD
Pipeline Ancillary Structures
  • Design and specification of access chambers (manholes)
  • Design and specification of sewage pump station structures